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So what is Empire Avenue – a game, a social network or both ? For me it is a great place to show my work. And, the more people see my products, greater the chance that someone will want to have some of my creations.


And how does it happen ? Well, you have to run a missions, like this one:

Empire Avenue missions

Here you can see that I offer 15000 – 30000 “Eaves” (the virtual currency of EA) for visiting my Flickr Profile. Instead of that, I could ask the participants to do something else : reading a tweet, checking out a Facebook page or visit my new blog post, and so on.

The idea is that if participants like the content  you provided in these missions then they might wish to share it with their social networks. In this way, I get greater exposure for my content and they (  hopefully ) get interesting content for their networks.

Of course, you completed other members missions and you also earn “eaves”, and also trough that missions you have access to other members’ networks, and actually increase your own social networks.

And, of course, there is the gaming element of EA, which is fun and addictive. You buy shares in other participants and earn dividends in “eaves” (the virtual currency of EA). In this virtual stock exchange, share values are based on your social media and EA activities – the greater your activity, the greater your score and hence your share value.

So, you don’t have the choice, you simply have to post more tweets, more FB statuses, more photos to Flickr and so on…

You can also participate in a lot of different communities, based of your interests…

Here you can find great tips for yours first 4 days on Empire Avenue

All in all, there are so many other advantages to being a member of EA, it’s just hard to put it all in one post, but in short: I like this game and strongly recommend joining Empire Avenue, you will not regret it.


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  1. ” So what is Empire Avenue – a game, a social network or both ? ”

    Leo, It’s what you make it – just like life! 🙂

    Neat pens btw!

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