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about Leo BasicWhat to say about Leo Basic? Well,  I’m just an ordinary guy, husband, father…
I’m also a handyman and entrepreneur.
I was, therefore, only a brief period of my life, employee.Most of the time, I ran my own business, or better say businesses.
So I had, among other things, dealt with interior design, trading, construction, and woodworking.

And wood and woodworking have always been my favorite, probably genetic, because my grandfather was a carpenter (still using some of his tools)

I had rented a workshop in which I produced furniture.
And then I discovered pen making…
It all started just as a hobby. I saw that on YouTube, made a DIY lathe, bought some tools and…
… long story short: Now I’m a full-time pen maker, and all other woodworking becomes just a hobby.

Why I build this website?

Well, there are two, equally important, reasons why I made this site:

  • First, honestly, I want to expand my business online
  • and, since I learned almost everything about pen making on the web, I want to, somehow, pay it forward.So, I will try to put here everything I know to help other people who want to learn how to make a pen


For any questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me trough the contact form below, or trough comment on the posts, or find me on Facebook. I will gladly respond.

Welcome to my site and , please, enjoy

Leo Basic

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