Pen Making

Pen making

Pen making or pen turning is one of the most popular projects for new woodturners, but also for seasoned pros.
There is something uniquely satisfying about turning your writing instrument (pencil, pen, fountain pen ), and it is also a way, unique and portable, to show your skills and passion for woodturning.

Pen turning is also a great introduction to woodturning tools, techniques, abrasives, finishes.
So, if you are starting with turning at the lathe, pens are a fun project to begin your exploration of woodturning.

Of course, there is always a chance that you can be hooked, just like me, and start making only pens.

Maybe, some happy circumstances will allow you to turn your hobby into a profitable business.

That is what happened to me, and through this blog I will try to help you to experience the same.

Of course, in addition to your will and passion, if you want to make pens, you will need more, and you will have to learn more about:

Tools for pen turning

Pen Making Supplies

Pen turning materials

Show your pen – Pen Displays and boxes

Pen making - IAP

So, now you are pen maker, or still thinking about to become one, join some forums or pen makers community, like IAP – International Association of Penturners.

Ask some questions, find answers, explore some new ideas and show your pens.